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Our team of professional trainers keep you engaged, energized, and challenged every step of the way, you’ll be astounded by the results! We are here to give you daily motivation and inspire you to reach your full potential.

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  • Brad Bishop
    Shauna and the staff at Lift saved my life. Shauna has always encouraged me to try my best, and after a heart attack, surgery on my neck which left my left arm numb and weak, and on top of this I am diabetic. So I needed a trainer who understood my problems and could modify my routines so they could be challenging without killing me. Shauna fit the bill. She helped strengthen my arms and legs without causing further damage. My A1C is under control. I just feel better. THANK YOU SHAUNA.
    Brad Bishop
  • Alicia Lee
    Amazing facility and staff! Personal training will change your life! Such a supportive and positive atmosphere
    Alicia Lee
  • Mike Killian
    Absolutely love this place. All new equipment with everything that you need. The Olympic platforms are my favorite. Also many different classes to choose from and participate in!
    Mike Killian
  • Catie Tyler
    I can honestly say, this is by far the best gym I have been in. I have "tried' many, from commercial facilities to locally owned.... LIFT tops the list.
    Catie Tyler
  • Darlene Lattimore
    I look forward to the various group classes where I know I will receive personal attention. Never am I intimidated to ask for help or assistance. Dennis and Jess are dedicated to provide a first class gym with state of the art equipment.
    Darlene Lattimore