Music is my passion! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a strong attraction to the arts. I first started out taking acting classes at the age of 5 and instantly fell in love with the musical aspect. I danced with several different studios here in Auburn while attending college and high school and during my senior year, I came across Zumba which opened up my personal door into the fitness world. Aside from training/dancing in a studio for so many years I have also found a new love and passion for the gym. Once I finished high school I went on to attend several different workshops to become a certified group fitness instructor while attending college to study for my Bachelor’s in Music and Dance Education from Empire State College and also my Associates in Music and Video Production from Cayuga Community College. Since then I’ve incorporated my music and dance background into my fitness classes making for a fun and inspiring workout experience. Sharing my love for music, dance, and fitness and being able to inspire others to reach their goals and be the absolute best person they can be is my true passion.