Hi there! I am the owner of LIFT and friendly face you will see most often! I am certified through WITS and AFFA in personal training, group fitness, and nutrition. I’ve turned my passion for health and fitness into a successful business. It all began when I started competitive bodybuilding many years ago. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of clients not only GET results, but KEEP them. I am a true believer that you can have anything you want in life with hard work, commitment, and dedication. I instill these values in my clients allowing them to break through plateaus to reach their ultimate goals. My number one priority is YOU!! I am here to help you in your fitness journey, no matter how big or small!

I have many years of experience coaching clients, running fitness programs, setting and reaching personal fitness goals for myself. Nothing is more rewarding than to witness my clients transformations and seeing their quality of life is improve. I’m available for personal training, nutritional counseling, health coaching, and competition prep. I am committed to providing THE BEST services. If you’re looking for a facility, programs, or professional trainers who are experts at getting results, come to LIFT!