My name is Kristen, I’m from Waterloo. I have always had an interest in fitness. In high school I played Varsity Tennis, and I always enjoyed running even through college. When I met my now husband in 2014, he taught me how to lift, at first it wasn’t really my thing, but eventually I was seeing results in my body, my muscles were becoming even more defined, so I have continued with it. Lifting has made me feel more empowered and confident about myself!

I currently started working on my diet through a nutrition program through the gym with the trainer Shauna and 9 other members. It has really opened my eyes into how I was defiantly not getting enough nutrients or calories into my diet.

PLEASE stop in and see me, I hope I can make your gym experience happy and positive! Plus, I make good shakes!

Please remember to always re-rack your weights!! 😊