Bill Hausner

I bought a membership to LIFT Geneva in December 2018…before they were even open, the equipment was just arriving.  Even at that time I could tell there was a different atmosphere there.  I met Jess and Dennis Kelly that day along with Jenny Chan.  I could tell that they had passion for this business…they wanted to help change lives of there members and have them live this lifestyle long term!

I had worked out for many years, played sports, army ranger, police officer, government security contractor overseas…etc.  I was familiar with what it takes to be in shape.  But for the last few years as I got older I fell into that good ole rut…I had let myself go to the point of being the heaviest I’ve ever been, getting out of breath walking up the stairs, didn’t care what I ate, my back hurt, my joints hurt…I felt like shit!  Something needed to change and that’s when I joined LIFT!

After a few weeks of working out and just winging it, I decided I needed a plan.  I went to Jenny and we had a consultation, best decision I ever made!!  At that time my goals were to just feel better…which I was skeptical would happen.  Jenny on the other hand knew she could help me reach my goals and beyond!  She had a plan, the qualifications, the experience and the passion…I could tell she was excited to get me there…I still, deep down, didn’t believe in myself.