Brenda Bennick

I want to recognize a woman who I’ve known for a few years now. The woman I met in the beginning, IS NOT the woman I see today. She is now one of the first people to walk through LIFT’s doors in the morning – feeling comfortable and confident! I remember training her in private (group ex room) because she was nervous and intimidated with a gym. Which is completely normal for someone starting out, but let me tell you – that’s NOT her today!! She lost 40 pounds overall during her journey with me & LIFT. Her progress during this past challenge should be recognized and applauded! She never missed a day, kept a positive mindset, and ended up with major results! As you will read below “this is ONLY the beginning”
Congratulations Brenda Bennink – SO PROUD OF YOU!!

Here’s what she had to say….
“I started working out at Lift with Jess in September 2015. I did really good for a couple years and then fell back into old routines. I knew I had to do something to get back on track and that’s when I decided to join the Fall Lifestyle Challenge 2017. This challenge has literally changed my life! I was scared knowing I had to follow a very strict meal plan and workout 6 days a week, but I decided to really embrace it. I found the meal plan (although restrictive) was not impossible and I learned very quickly how to meal prep and make things that were very tasty. Following the meal plan was very easy and it made doing the challenge 1000x easier because if you have food to grab you will not cheat.

When it came to the workouts I can’t say enough good things about Jess Kelly, Kevin Duerr, and Justin Lyndaker. I was really worried how I would maintain working out 6 days a week. Their energy, encouragement, and direction made everything so much easier. They taught proper lifting techniques plus were right there to make sure that you were always doing things the right way and also making sure I was lifting heavy weights and not taking the easy way out…. Oh yeah there was no getting away with doing anything easy for sure!!

I will say that I completed the challenge never missing a single day!! Sundays are seminar days but I chose to also work out on those days as well. I did extra cardio on weight days as directed by Jess. At the end, I ended up losing 18 pounds and 14 inches overall in 7 WEEKS! I have continued with personal training with Kevin 3x a week but I also go in on the other days for cardio. I’m still following the meal plan as this is just the start because I have much more to lose. I have wrestled back and forth with whether or not I should do the next challenge and I’ve decided that I am totally going to do it again!! This is just the beginning!

If you are still thinking about whether or not the Lifestyle Challenge is the right decision, I saved the BEST part for last… The bonds and friendships you forge with the people that are going through the same struggles are just irreplaceable and makes everything about this challenge worthwhile…. it is the best part of the whole process. I have continued down this road with 4 other women training with Kevin that I met during this challenge. We encourage and support each other so much. The Lifestyle Challenge is truly life changing!!!

Also on a side note… I also want to recognize Dennis Kelly… he was a big part of this program although his real job kept him away a lot. Some of the days he would drive home (3 to 4 hrs) just to be here for a Sunday seminar or to fix broken equipment in the gym. But not just that, he would also record videos on our private Lifestyle Facebook page for encouragement or just send me a Facebook message of encouragement. So behind the scenes, he was a big part of this challenge as well.”