Chuck Tyler

“I want to give LIFT a huge THANKS!! I joined in October 2015, at an unhealthy 330 lbs! This has been a lifetime struggle for me, being husky! I’ve dropped weight, start feeling better , then fall right back into the old habits several times. As far as gyms go I’ve been there, always uncomfortable, a gym shy person. Since joining LIFT it has been an amazing experience. Everyone associated with the facility including members have been nothing but welcoming and supportive.

Up until April I ate clean and worked out regularly and lost 40 lbs. feeling awesome! Learning along the way.
Starting in April, Jess twisted my arm and made me join her Lifestyle Challenge! 7 weeks of a strict diet plan and daily training, Every day! I took this seriously and did exactly what was instructed to all of us.

The results were amazing! You have probably already read some of the other success stories from it. My results in just a short 7 weeks: 32.6 lbs lost and 18.5 total inches lost! Body fat percentage was the focus and I lost 4.1 % body fat! Truly amazing results came from the whole group. I now know my way around the gym and can do a lot more than just the basic movements. Jess will push you to your limits and then make you do even more! You will learn that there are NO excuses!!! My overall confidence level has skyrocketed. It’s now comfortable to walk around the gym. If you are considering participating in one of LIFTS Lifestyle Challenges “DO IT” you will not be disappointed with the results that will happen if you follow the instructions!!!!!

I am proud to call Everyone associated with LIFT my FAMILY!!! THANKYOU!!

These photos are of my Total experience so far with a 73 lb weight loss, weighing in at a 257 !!!!!!!! It’s 20 years since I was in the 250 range.” ~Chuck Tyler