Emily Pine

I have been overweight my entire life and it came to a point where I started to accept that there would be no changes and i just had to deal with it. It got to the point that i thought i was just waiting for the moment where I die from being fat. In May of 2009, my Dad passed away due to complications with diabetes and I was following in his exact footsteps! I was pre-diabetic and I had high cholesterol and blood pressure. So getting myself healthy was really important, yet completely impossible to do on my own. I tried every diet, supplement, and gym in Auburn hoping I’d find what ever miracle I needed to get me motivated, but nothing worked for me. I heard through the grape vine that a new fitness center was opening right down the street from my home, so I decided to do some searching online and that’s when I found an email address for Jessica(owner of LIFT). Being a college student at the time and only working 20 hours a week, there was no way I could afford the time and attention I truly needed from her. I emailed her and told her my story and her and Dennis decided to take me under their wings and teach how to “live the lifestyle’, all for FREE! They gave me access to all of the classes, personal training, the gym whenever I wanted and on top of that she gave me a meal plan to follow with weekly weigh-ins! I can’t even begin to tell you the impact that LIFT has had on me, not only my physical appearance but how I perceive life. It had been a longtime dream of mine to be a NYS Trooper, but it wasn’t realistic because of how much I used to struggle with my weight and health. It’s because of LIFT, Jess and Dennis that I now have a bright future in ANY career that I choose. I have confidence, self esteem and an insane amount of strength both mentally and physically. I am no longer pre-diabetic, I no longer have high cholesterol or blood pressure, I’m down 45lbs so far and I am no longer on a destructive path to living a short unhealthy life. I also truly believe that I can conquer any obstacle that life throws my way and if I ever needed help with anything, I know that Jess and Dennis will always have my back. Live It Fitness and Training, Jess and Dennis and “Living The Lifestyle” has completely given me a whole new meaning on life! Thank you!!