Jim Sikora

Jim’s WHY is his family!

“I joined the 2016 Fall Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT and at first I was very hesitant. My wife, daughter and son were already involved at LIFT, they were members that turned into routine gym goers and participated in the group exercise classes. When it became my time to step up and I did, I said YES and joined the fall lifestyle challenge!!

The first week was the hardest, but well worth it! Not that it got any easier, but my body/muscles were getting accustomed to the intensity and soreness. I won’t lie, I didn’t think I was going to be able to finish this challenge. But every day; Jess Newert, Brittany A Rabuano, Dennis and Kevin were very supportive, knowledgeable and they became my teachers, my coaches.

So as the weeks went by I started looking forward to my time at the gym, I was never that type of person before. The only time I would get up at 4:30 am was to go hunting in the past, let alone go to the gym and get my butt kicked! All the other people that were in my 5am class were also very supportive. I met a lot of great people that I never knew before!

Weeks went by and each day got a little easier on my body, my muscles grew, the pain went away and I felt better each day!


Time flew by so fast and at the end of the challenge my final results were as follows; weight lost 26.7 lbs, body fat lost 27.6 lbs , muscle gained .04lbs , and body fat % lost was 5.8% , total inches lost 12″!!!!

One thing I did notice as we were going through the program I had to keep adding holes to my belt so my pants would not fall off me! I used to wear a 44 pant size and now I wear a size 38!! I still go to the gym on a daily basis, participating in classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I do my own weight routine or some cardio. I still am losing weight, down another 5.7 lbs. now for a total of -32.4 lbs!

I really enjoy / look forward to each day going to the gym now, working out and seeing all my NEW friends. I want to thank everyone at LIFT again (Jess, Brit, Dennis and Kevin ) it is truly a LIFESTYLE change that I am going to continue with.”

-Jim Sikora

“Live The Lifestyle”

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