Julie Sroka

Julie takes on LIFTs Life Changing Challenge: The Lifestyle Challenge!

“My story at LIFT well… I was at the point I hated my body, hated wearing anything that wasn’t sweatpants and absolutely hated looking at myself in the mirror. I finally was feeling so low that I got ahold of Jess Newert at LIFT to meet with her for personal training.

On my way to LIFT I was so nervous that I called my mom (my best friend) & told her I can’t do this, I’m going to look like a fat slob, these people are in shape, they will judge me!? My mom reassured me that I can do it and told me you’re never going to know until you try. I pulled into the parking lot nervous as ever, thinking I was about to vomit! I walked in and Jess was there to greet me- with the most welcoming smile! She shook my hand and told me about the Lifestyle Challenge! Still very unsure of what I was getting myself into, Jess noticed something was off and asked, “What are you thinking?” I responded “well I’m super intimidated… I mean look at all you, you’re so fit and in shape” she looks out the door and says “who is fit, who is ‘in’ shape? We are all the same. No one is any better than you and that’s what you are here for.”

**Well, that instantly made up my mind, that day I signed up for the Fall Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT!**

Here it is, day 1 of the challenge Jess, Britt and Kevin -all the trainers we’re there to welcome us and make us feel comfortable. Brittany and Jess- they are my true motivation to keep going, they pick me up when I need it the most (and they truly care about each one of us). Kevin always pushes me to lift more (man was he tough but loved it). As the 7 weeks went by I learned so much, I lifted more each session, and began eating clean.

Brittany A Rabuano had a bodybuilding competition come up right in the middle of the challenge where she took the overall win of the show. Her winning and the confidence she showed, made me think “wow I hope to be in those shoes someday”.

Now that the challenge is over I do personal training with Jess and participate in group exercise classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I have never felt better, currently 13 pounds down, 7 inches lost and still reaching my goals every day. Not to mention I’m not taking acid reflux medicine anymore! I can’t thank Jess, Brittany, Dennis, Kevin and all the others trainers at LIFT… it is easily the most welcoming and truly caring place you’ll ever step foot in! If you haven’t tried LIFT — ITS A DEFINITE MUST!!”

-Julie Sroka

Want to know more about the Lifestyle Challenge? Contact us: LIFTauburn@Gmail.com or click http://www.liftauburn.com/lifestyle-challenge-2017/