Meg Giovannetti

I started personal training & a nutrition plan with Jess November 2017. I had zero confidence and thought the gym was the last place I belonged. The personal training pushed me to work past my daily chronic pain and boosted my self confidence to the next level. The knowledge I gained was astounding. I found myself eating better, more clean, and enjoying it! I noticed my chronic pain wasn’t as intense when I ate healthier based on what Jess taught me. I also learned a regular scale didn’t dictate who I was, that number was no longer my ball and chain. It was what made the number on the scale important- the lean muscle and body fat lost. While a regular scale would tell you I have only lost 10 pounds there is such a noticeable difference. I’ve gone down 2 pant sizes, almost three and go to the gym at least 5 days a week now and LOVE it. I shattered every expectation my doctors had for me and my diagnosis by doing and wanting better for my body. The strength is amazing! LIFT and the team there truly changed my outlook. You guys worked with me when I had to have surgery on my spine were great at modifying certain exercises based on my restrictions or lack of fingers on my left hand. I never once felt like I didn’t belong when I was at LIFT. Every city needs a gym and team like LIFT. I lost the cravings I had for caffeine and the need for it daily by eating better, which was crazy to me. The gym is a happy place for me now. I get a euporhic feeling being there, pushing myself.

-Meaghan Giovannetti