Nikki Guzalak

“I was never a person who liked working out…. I actually hated it. I’ve had many battles over the past 10 years with weight gain and weight loss. I was able to lose weight here and there, doing things on my own at home like walking on a treadmill, but nothing ever significant. I was always very intimidated by the thought of a gym, thinking I would be judged just by walking through the door. But then I was lucky enough to find LIFT and realized very quickly that this gym was different! The owners, Jess and Dennis, are very dedicated to providing the best gym and services they can. All the trainers there do everything in their power to make sure the members feel welcome and that they have every tool possible to reach their goals. I’ve personally learned proper techniques and strategies to make sure I am getting the most out of my workout. Also, all the members there to offer support and motivation for each other. I’ve made many friends since joining LIFT and now consider a lot of them family.

I’m now down over 55lbs!! But I’ve also learned to eat properly and to ‘Live the Lifestyle’ by making my health my #1 priority. I now can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym everyday thanks to Jess, Dennis and all the trainers at LIFT! The atmosphere is amazing.

Making a change can be difficult and intimidating. It’s so hard to step out of your comfort zone. But do it for yourself, you won’t be sorry! Surround yourself with good people and good things happen!

Also, thanks to my husband Tim for having faith in me and showing me what I’m capable of.”

-Nikki Guzalak

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