Norma Warter

Winter Lifestyle Challenge Winner at Live It Fitness and Training

“She is a perfect example of what I say to my patients almost every day- eat clean & stay active!” Says Dr. McSwain from Auburn Internal Medicine & Pediatrics.

Norma Warter came to Live It Fitness & Training (LIFT) with high hopes that she could fight a battle of high blood pressure and high cholesterol on her own, with no medication. Norma was first inspired and brought to LIFT by her daughter Melissa, they had heard about our Lifestyle Challenge program and wanted in, immediately. The two met with LIFT’s owner Jess Newert , signed up together and began not a weight loss program, but a lifestyle change.

For seven weeks, Norma was taught how to strength train properly, perform effective cardio routines and learned the in’s & outs of nutrition with a personalized meal plan just for her (based off her body composition reading on LIFT’s InBody230 machine). Her certified personal trainers Jessica Newert, Brittany A Rabuano and Kevin Durr gave her constant support, education, and motivation every day.

“I learned so much!” says Norma when we sat down to talk to her about her Lifestyle Challenge experience.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s Norma strength trained, and with support of the peers in her group she could lift weights and do things she NEVER thought she could do. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays the group did cardio together & on Sunday’s they all met for an educational seminar with different topics each week.

“My favorite part of this challenge was finding my purpose; my purpose was to be able to run and play with grandchildren, I can do that now!” says Norma in full excitement. This challenge has taught Norma how to productively “live the lifestyle”, maintain it and keep up with it!

After the challenge, Norma visited Dr. McSwain again, her results showed that with diet and exercise her cholesterol levels went down 56 points, HDL went down 22 points & LDL went down 54 points. Blood pressure from 112/74 to 128/82 and that her weight went from 202lbs to 176lbs, talk about a healthy report card! These results are strictly from EXERCISE & NUTRITION- no tricks, no secrets. Dr. McSwain took Norma off of 2 of 3 medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

“I heard my trainers telling me that I can do it… so I did.” -Norma Winner of the Winter Lifestyle Challenge

We asked Norma what the hardest part of the challenge was: “The hardest thing during the challenge was the internal frustration with myself, I was nervous, I was uncomfortable at times, but then I heard my trainers telling me that I can do it… so I did.”

Continuing with the lifestyle change, Norma still packs her meals for work, has great attendance at LIFT, has a ton of energy, and tries to inspire others to do what she did. She still attends classes regularly and strength trains on her own with a few other women from the challenge. Her next goal is to be able to do more burpees!

Her family, friends and co-workers consistently ask her “what’s going on?” or “how did you do that?” She is proud to inform others that the Lifestyle Challenge at LIFT is what gave her the tools to set her on her way towards a new happy, healthy, and longer life!