Sean Laquidari

“Hello my name is Sean Laquidari and I’m 46 years old. I work 2 jobs and have a busy calendar. That being said, I wanted to get in shape so I looked around for a good gym and found LIFT. Thinking this would be like all the other gym’s… I learned it is NOT. Dennis & Jessica created a gym full of positive attitudes and a friendly atmosphere. The facility is very clean and has some of the best equipment you can find in a gym. After lifting for a few months, I felt like I needed to do more. I heard they offered a meal plan to help me with my goals of burning fat and loosing unwanted weight. I started this eating plan in September weighing 190lbs at 29% body fat. I now weight 161lbs at 16% body fat. Jessica created my macros and gave me options on what to eat and when. It truly changed my lifestyle! Now I eat clean and train on my lunchtime. I make no excuses, I find the time and follow the plan, it works if you just apply yourself. Anyone can transform themselves into achieving a better body. I am proof of that.”