Steve Lynch

Message from our Fall Lifestyle Challenge WINNER

Steve Lynch! SINCE the challenge Steve has lost a total of 60lbs.He still comes in at 6am almost every day to workout & still follows the meal plan that he was given during the challenge. He looks fantastic and feels like a hundred bucks!


Every time I looked in the mirror I knew I had to do something. I hadn’t really exercised in twenty-five years. My mom even joked that I looked 3-months pregnant – ouch. I heard about the LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE and got a hold of the brochure. On a lunch break, I finished up my two slices of pepperoni and headed over to check it out and consider joining the fall 2016 Challenge. That’s when I met Jess Newert – with her high energy and positive outlook, she convinced me to take up the Lifestyle Challenge at Live It Fitness and Training (LIFT).
I wasn’t sure I could meet the demands of the Challenge – the idea of sticking to a prescribed meal plan and the daily 6AM workouts were intimidating. Looking back now, I realize I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. For me, the Challenge was trans-formative. Jess and the LIFT trainers provided the perfect blend of structure, support, sense of belonging and “tough love” needed to bring about lasting change. Sharing the Challenge and bonding with the whole group kept everyone upbeat and dedicated to making a lifestyle change for the better.

The meal plan was especially well crafted, simplifying choices and streamlining the daily routine – I was able to stick with it through the entire Challenge and soon I lost the cravings for garbage food and began to enjoy whole, healthy food. The daily workouts varied within each week and evolved over the Challenge as the entire group became more fit. We were introduced to the entire Lift gym over the course of the Challenge.

The LIFT Lifestyle Challenge changed my life – three months later I am still on the meal plan and coming in regularly to work out. Between that afternoon when I walked in to LIFT and today I’ve lost 35 pounds and gained a new outlook on life. Don’t be intimidated – you can do it! You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.”