Tracey Baldwin

“It has taken me a long time to realize that your health can not be measured by the weight on a scale. You cannot judge your life by that number! We have all judged ourselves by that number. Jess has taught me that it’s NOT about that number! Trust me it has taken time, I have my ups and downs, but I have stopped judging myself based on that number. I look at my accomplishments now and at the muscles I did not know I had.

I started personal training with Jess a few months ago and let me tell you she pushes you to your limit and further. I can look back on day one when lifting a barbell was difficult. Jess pushes you to be your best. You always get a, “great job,” “keep going,” “keep pushing yourself.” It’s about motivation, it’s about believing you can do something and someone else believing it to!

LIFT is not just a gym; it truly is a family. We all there when one of us falls down and needs a little encouragement to get back up. LIFT, Jess and Dennis along with the clientele will not be found anywhere else.

So in short what does LIFT, Jess, and Dennis mean to me: Dedication, Motivation, Compassion, Authentic, and most importantly true and honest friends. They don’t sell you a miracle pill; they don’t tell you that you will be a Victoria Secret model in just a week (one can wish). What they do is put you on the right track to healthy clean living, push you, encourage you, and most of all they are always there for you. Jess isn’t just my trainer, my friend, but she also listens to you and your struggles with getting healthy; kind of like a food/workout psychiatrist. I am so grateful for walking in that door. (just don’t ever ask me that after leg day!!) I hope that this will encourage others to join the LIFT family and I am sure if you reach out to any of the LIFT family members you will get the same answer; JOIN LIFT you will not be disappointed in that decision. But you have to put in the work, muscles have to be earned with a little sweat and tears. BUT you will not find more honest and compassionate people who believe in what they do and will get you to where you want to be, with some hard work of course!!” ~Tracey Baldwin